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Pixels Trailer 2 Reaction / Review

Pixels Trailer 2 Reaction / Review, a much better trailer than the first one and Q*bert has nothing to do with it.

Pixels Trailer 2 Reaction / Review

I like the first Pixels Trailer but this second Pixels Trailer is way better than the first one because I learned more about the characters in the movie from this trailer.

The first Pixels Trailer didn't really tell us anything about the characters but this one did and learning that the characters were former video game champions made me more interested in the movie.

As an older gamer, I kinda played those games shown in the trailer like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaxian, Centipede but not Q*bert. In fact, I don't remember playing Q-bert.

Anyway guys, I'm not really expecting a lot from this movie. If I can enjoy it and have a good time watching it then that's good enough for me.

So, what about you guys? Did this Pixels Trailer 2 sold you in seeing the movie or not? Share your thoughts, views and opinions about the trailer in the comments section below.

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