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Secret Warriors - Agents Of Shield's New Super Powered Unit?

Secret Warriors, is this Agents Of Shield's newest Super Powered Unit?

Secret Warriors - Agents Of Shield's New Superpowered Unit?

I watched the Season 2 Finale of Agents Of Shield, it was a two part episode finale and it was awesome. Why was it awesome? It's awesome because of the Inhumans.

I only know the Inhumans from Agents Of Shield but having them in the show made the show more interesting to watch. because, now, they are fighting with people with powers.

At the very end of the last episode, Agent Coulson was with Skye or Daisy Johnson and they were talking about forming a new unit made up of Super Powered People.

My question now is this, will this new Super Powered Unit be called Secret Warriors? I'm not a Marvel Comic Book Expert but I do know that the Secret Warriors exists in the Marvel Universe and they were formed by Nick Fury.

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