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AMC Movie Talk ★ Is The Show Dead With John Campea Gone?

AMC Movie Talk, is the show dead now that John Campea is gone? This is just a question to you guys.

Even though I'm not a big John Campea fan, I enjoy watching AMC Movie Talk regularly, if not everyday, because I like some of the people in the show like Jon Schnepp, the Schmoes, Alicia Malone and others.

Now, the question I'm asking is this, is the show dead now that John Campea is gone? The reason why I'm asking this question is because there hasn't been a show since June 30, 2015.

I understand not having a show this last couple of days because of the holiday weekend but I don't understand why they didn't have a show on the last three days before the holiday weekend.

I asked Jon Schnepp about it in Twitter but he just favorited the question and didn't give an answer. Now, if any of you guys know the answer then why not share it in the comments section below.

That's it for this blog post and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.

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