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Fantastic Four Movie Reviews ★ They're Not Good

Reviews for the new Fantastic Four movie are now available online and they are not good. In fact, they're not even bad. They're terrible.

The new Fantastic Four movie was released in theaters here in the Philippines yesterday but I didn't go and see it immediately.

My kids didn't want to see it so I decided to wait for the reviews online specially in YouTube before deciding if I want to waste money on it or not and I'm so glad I did.

Seriously, I just spent the last hour watching Fantastic Four Movie Reviews in YouTube and all of them were not good reviews. None of the reviewers liked the movie.

Chris Stuckman hated it, the Schmoes hated it, Jeremy Jahns hated it and, everyone else who reviewed it, hated it. Currently, Rotten Tomatoes has it at 8% rotten and there is no Stan Lee cameo which makes it even worse.

Now, after watching all those extremely negative reviews of the new Fantastic Four movie in YouTube, will I still go and see it? Of course not.

I don't often rely on reviewers but, for this movie, I'm going to trust my favorite YouTube movie reviewers and save my money for the next superhero movie which is Deadpool in 2016. Now, that looks like a fun movie.

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