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Captain America Civil War Is Freaking Amazing ★ Non-Spoilers Or Spoilers Free Review

Guys, I just watched Captain America Civil War and it's freaking amazing.

Captain America Civil War Is Freaking Amazing ★ Non-Spoilers Or Spoilers Free Review

As you can see from the picture below, those are two of my kids and all three of us went and saw Captain America Civil War this morning.

First of all guys, this is not a spoiler review and, that means, I'm not going to give you any specific details that will spoil the movie for you. If you want spoilers then I will do that in another blog post.

Okay guys, I want to start by saying that what we saw in all the trailers of Captain America Civil War were nothing compared to the actual movie.

Even with all the TV spots that Marvel Studios is releasing right now, they will not ruin the movie for you because they are not showing anything except maybe some cool bits and pieces.

Now, everything in this movie made sense. Even if you've never seen any other movie in the MCU, Captain America Civil War will still make sense to you because they set it up really well.

You will have no problems understanding why Captain America and Iron Man are fighting or why they are against each other because the movie will clearly tell you why without boring you to death.

Civil War II by Brian Michael Bendis Civil War  Mark Millar 

The action scenes in this movie are freaking amazing specially the now famous Airport battle scene. You will want to see this movie over and over and over again because you will not be able to process everything in just one viewing.

The big standouts in that big Airport Battle scene, at least for me, are Spider-Man and Ant-Man. If you want to know why then you'll just have to see the movie.

In my opinion, Captain America Civil War has an unexpected ending. I will not tell you what it is but it's something that is different from the comic books and I liked it very much.

It's an ending that will make you want or crave to see what happens next. That's how good of an ending Captain America Civil War has.

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War: The Junior Novel  Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Prelude

Overall, I really, really enjoyed Captain America Civil War. I enjoyed it so much that I forgot that I was watching it in a theater with other people and not at home because I was very animated, and I was reacting to everything.

Right now, I will put Captain America Civil War a little over than the first Avengers movie because it has a better story, it has a lot more surprises and the action scenes looks more realistic and awesome.

So guys, are you excited to see Captain America Civil War? If you are then share your excitement as well as your comments, questions and reactions in the comments section below.

Watch the video version of this blog post below.

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