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LYKA! Earn Cash! See Pron! 😳

LYKA! Earn Cash! See Pron! 😳

Looking to earn some cash during the pandemic? Well, if you are stuck at home like me then check out LYKA.

You can earn a lot of cash in LYKA by simply uploading pictures taken from the internet. LYKA users, that's you, can upload a total of 10 pictures a day and get paid 0.05 GEMS per picture.

You will also receive 0.05 GEMS when other LYKA users give your pictures a Max Rating. The more Max Rating your pictures get, the more GEMS you'll earn.

SADLY, it seems that LYKA is allowing all kinds of pictures and that includes adult pictures or, in other word, PRON.

LYKA allows Earning GEMS with PORN!

Why is LYKA allowing pron pictures in its platform? The answer to that question is, I don't know.

All I know is this, it's not a good look for LYKA and its platform. It's already full of pictures taken from Google Image Search and now it's adding pron pics to its list.

There you go! Now, you too can earn cash by simply taking pictures from the internet and uploading them in LYKA  

So guys, are any of you interested in looking at pron pictures? How about earning cash using LYKA?

Post your answers, comments, questions and reactions in the comments section below.

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