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KENNY OMEGA Lost The Impact Wrestling Championship - AEW RAMPAGE

KENNY OMEGA Lost The Impact Wrestling Championship - AEW RAMPAGE

AEW had it's first episode of AEW Rampage which is basically the same as with their other shows. I guess, you can call it AEW Dynamite Lite. Except maybe for the name and branding, there was nothing unique about it but I digress.

The first match was between reigning Impact Wrestling Champion Kenny Omega against Christian Cage. I don't really know how this match happened. I guess, anyone in AEW can simply challenge for the Impact Wrestling Championship.

KENNY OMEGA Lost The Impact Wrestling Championship - AEW RAMPAGE

Anyway, except maybe for the outcome at the end, the match was actually good. It was a slow paced match which was perfect for the aging Christian Cage. The match also went almost 20 minutes and it was the longest match in the show.

The finish had Kenny Omega receiving the Kill Switch from Christian Cage on a steel chair. The steel chair was brought in by the Young Bucks for Kenny Omega to use while Don Callis was distracting the referee but it backfired.

After the Kill Switch, Christian Cage pinned Kenny Omega to win the Impact Wrestling Championship.

Honestly, I'm not happy Kenny Omega lost because I wanted him to lose first against Hangman Adam Page. Also, when it finally happens, Adam Page defeating an already defeated Kenny Omega doesn't feel as elevated as defeating an undefeated Kenny Omega but that's just me.

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