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TOP 5 Reasons Why Adam Cole Should Stay With WWE [Pro-Wrestling]

TOP 5 Reasons Why Adam Cole Should Stay With WWE [Pro-Wrestling]

The Wrestling Community in Twitter are clamoring for Adam Cole to sign up with AEW whose WWE contract recently expired.

Obviously, signing with AEW has its benefits but are those benefits better than what WWE can offer? With that said, here are my Top 5 reasons why Adam Cole should stay with WWE.

Number 1. More Viewers. As it stands today, WWE is getting 1 million more viewers than AEW. That means, more people are going to watch him wrestle.

Number 2. More Money. This is a no brainer, Adam Cole will make more money in WWE. Not just from his contract but from merchandise sale as well.

Number 3. More Roles. If Adam Cole goes to AEW then he will only one role, himself, but if he stays with WWE then he'll have a plethora of roles to play. From a King to a Pauper and more.

Number 4. Big Names. Obviously, WWE has a lot of big names like Goldberg, John Cena, The Rock, Edge, Brock Lesnar and others. Adam Cole will have the opportunity to wrestle these big names which is not possible in AEW.

Number 5. Saudi Arabia. Everyone knows that WWE is on a mission and that mission is to change and liberate the country of Saudi Arabia with Sports Entertainment. Adam Cole can play a big role in this endeavor.

There you go, those are my Top 5 reasons why Adam Cole whould stay with WWE. If you have your own Top 5 or even Top 10 reasons then post them in the comments section below.

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