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CM Punk Unloaded On Colt Cabana

CM Punk Unloaded On Colt Cabana

CM Punk unloaded a whole bunch of things on Colt Cabana from out of nowhere.

During AEW's media scrum after AEW All Out 2022, newly crowned AEW Champion, CM Punk, immediately talked about Colt Cabana. No one asked him about Colt Cabana. CM Punk just found a way to talk about it in not so flattering way. Remember, no one asked him anything about Colt Cabana.

The CM Punk and Colt Cabana story is not a secret. Everyone who calls themselves a wrestling fan knows about it. I guess, CM Punk just wanted to remind everyone in the world that he hates Colt Cabana and his not friends with Colt Cabana. Why though? Only CM Punk knows.

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